Explore the results of the 2023 Disabled Student Survey

Explore the situation for disabled students in 2023, our goals for the sector 2033 and best practice for reaching those goals. Evaluate the strengths and growth points of your university!

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Tap into the insights of disabled students

Access Insights, run by Disabled Students UK closes the information gap when it comes to accessibility in Higher Education. The project gathers data on the experiences of disabled students via the Annual Disabled Student Survey and the University Disability Survey and makes it available to the public.


Lived experience expertise

Access Insights is run by Disabled Students UK - a community interest company working to improve accessibility in Higher Education. We believe in the power of disability wisdom to better society.

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The voices of the disabled student community

Disabled students who share their lived experience through our annual survey make up the foundation of Access Insights.

Have you been a disabled student in the last year? Please sign up to be a student contributor and we will email you the survey when it’s time to fill it in.



Access Insights membership allows Universities and Student Unions to gain premium access to the insights of disabled students. These institutions can proudly display the Access Insights membership logo, sending a clear message to their disabled students that they value their voice and are investing in their access.

Members receive a package that allows them to effectively tackle inaccessibility, including: