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Founded in 2020, Disabled Students UK (DSUK) has quickly become the largest disabled student-led organisation in the UK. The organisation shares disabled students’ insight into accessibility with the goal of driving policy change.

DSUK has built a reputation as an evidence-based organisation. Their 2020 report, which warned the sector about the impact of the pandemic on disabled students, was mentioned in parliament. Their 2022 report Going Back is Not a Choice which presents key accessibility lessons from the pandemic has been hailed as “a potential game changer in its review of UK HE inclusive provision”.

DSUK has thrice been recognised as one of the most influential disabled-led organisations in the UK by Disability Power 100, winning the category in 2023. The organisation has a collaborative approach to change and offers consulting and training to universities and students’ unions, disseminating disabled students’ insight.

They have worked with institutions such as the University College London and organisations such as the National Union of Students, presenting for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Disability and Westminster Higher Education Forum. Their vision is a truly accessible higher education experience, ensuring disabled people equal access to education and the associated societal and self-development opportunities.

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