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DSUK consultant

Do you think you could educate others on accessibility in Higher Education?

Would you like to get paid for sharing your own lived experience?

Important update: this course will begin on 4th January 2023. We will notify you on the 30th January with full details.

If so, you should apply now to Disabled Student’s UK online Consultant Training programme for disabled students. This unique opportunity will enable you to develop consultancy skills based on your expertise or lived experience as a disabled student. By the end of the programme you will be skilled in creating and facilitating lectures and workshops. All you have to do is send us a short video explaining an accessibility concept you think university staff should be informed about.

Successful candidates will receive a free place on our training programme which will secure you a position within our paid DSUK consultant network.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 28th December. The training programme will commence in early January 2023 and run through to February.

The video should be created with university staff (the intended audience) in mind. You could cover an accessibility concept, share insight into accessibility and the disabled student experience or discuss accessibility in Higher Education more widely. See below for some example topics. Videos need only be short (under 5 minutes) so we can evaluate suitability for the programme.

We’re looking for creativity, clarity, and the ability to inspire.

Read more on how to apply below.

How to apply

Email with your up-to-date CV and a link to your short video.

Please upload your video to Google Drive or a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo on an unlisted or private link.

Don’t forget to include your CV in your email.

If successful, we will be in touch in the first week of January to confirm your spot and confirm details about the programme.

Key information

  • You will need to meet the eligibility criteria outlined below
  • You need to be able to dedicate 4 hours per week (2 of those hours will be within a group) to the online programme commencing on 4th January 2023 (full details to be emailed on 30th Dec 2022)
  • The programme will have you reading, researching and creating lectures/workshops and participating in discussions
  • You’ll gain the confidence to speak to university management and the ability to influence decisions within universities
  • Once you’ve completed the programme you will secure a place within our network of paid DSUK consultants
  • You’ll have the opportunity to focus on your own area of expertise whether that be research consultancy, public speaking, training, workshops and anything in between
  • The deadline is Wednesday 28th December 2022

Example video topics include

  • “Explain something about the disabled student experience”
  • “What does ableism look like in academia?”
  • “An inaccessible complaints process.” 
  • “3 ways of listening to disabled students.”
  • “Good practice for disability advisors”

Eligibility information

To participate you do not need to have a diagnosis. You simply need to meet two conditions: 

  • Be a currently or recent student (PhD students included) within a UK Higher Education Institution
  • Identify as being disabled/having a disability or be recognised as disabled under the 2010 Equality Act

Disabilities include long term conditions such as chronic illnesses, mental health conditions and neurodiversity.  To have a disability means to have a “difference” or “impairment” which (in the UK context) has a substantial effect on your ability to do normal every-day activities like reading large amounts of text, concentrating, socialising, taking notes, or doing the dishes.

Please note: Parents of a child with disability are not eligible.

We look forward to receiving your videos,

The team at DSUK

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